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Also referred to as Thermoset, this material has excellent chemical resistance, electrical insulation, heat resistance, and surface hardness.

Chloroprene Rubber Shore A Durometer 65

More popularly known as Neoprene, this material is "soft" to the touch yet provides the strength and durability needed for industrial applications.


All parts are insert molded which means the inserts are incorporated or molded into the plastic at the time of processing. This feature provides the part with the ideal strength and therefore, provides the maximum torque capabilities.

External Threads

Also referred to as "Stud", "Projecting Stud", or "Male Insert". Insert material is zinc plated steel.

Molded Internal Threads

Also referred to as "Plastic Threads", or "Female Plastic Threads". There is no insert, threads are molded into plastic.

Internal Threads

Also referred to as "Blind Insert", or "Female Insert". Insert material is brass (unless otherwise noted).

Internal Threads with Thru Hole

Also referred to as "Female Insert with Thru Hole". Insert material is brass (unless otherwise noted).


"A" Diameter

"B" Height

"C" Hub Diameter

"D" Hub Height

"t" Thread of Insert

"d2" Depth of Insert on Internal Threads

"L" Length of Insert on External Threads

Note: Not all knobs have hub heights (e.g. Ball Knobs). Internal Threads have a "Depth" dimension and External Threads have a "Length" dimension. All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.